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Franz Laffer Limousin Testimony

My name is Franz Laffer and I am a butcher by trade.

I came from Switzerland ten years ago and started ranching with my wife and four kids in Horsefly, BC. We run Angus-Hereford cross cows and have been breeding them to Limousin bulls for the last six years.

We originally used Simmental bulls but had many calving difficulties and were looking for a breed with more calving ease and livelier calves. Following this thought we switched to Angus bulls. We had achieved our original goal but had decreased our weaning weights. This led us to search for another breed.

As a sideline we run a custom meat cutting business and in our daily work we came across several Limousin carcasses. We immediately noticed the difference in muscle volume, texture and in bone size. We had reached the end ofour search. We had found the breed with the desired traits for our calves.

Being a butcher I noticed the increased muscle capacity, finer muscle grain and the decreased amount of waste products; being a rancher at the same time I also noticed the difference in weaning weight, the liveliness of the
calves and the calving ease.

Having heard of how "high-headed" Limousin can be we were reluctant at first to give up our calm and easygoing Angus, but decided to try it anyway. We quickly found out, however, that when treated like our Angus, the Limousin acted just as quiet. Since we have been breeding Limousin, our kids have won several Grand Champion animals in both the market steer and female classes in 4-H. It's the ultimate breed for our cow/calf operation.

Franz Laffer
Sunshine Ranch, Horsefly, BC, 2003

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